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BioKorium®  Skin Water® Hydration Cream, now with Hydro-Force® Technology.  A unique superior product designed for use on skin, hair and scalp.  Hydrating, Protective, Penetrating, Calming, Healing, Antioxidant, Dye Free and Fragrance Free.  Indulge in a jar of Skin Water® Hydration Cream, the Big Gulp of Moisturizers.

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We took a group of 70 plus year old women to see if they could learn how to clean up their own skin. They all took 3 classes and here are the results after 4 months of taking care of her own skin and 1 facial, from me of course. This subject is 78 and she was brave enough to give me her first photo and allowed me to post this on my facebook page. This was her response to me…….she said “Your GOOOOOD” Needless to say she is very happy and on her way to better, younger and healthier skin. … And there is no Photoshop here.

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Can you lift the face and remove wrinkles in one day? YES I can! I have been working on this CRAZY experiment for 1 year. It gets more clear to me how to get AMAZING RESULTS in a short amount of time. I Have designed a super facial that will take skin care to a new level.

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Are Your Aging Eyes Wrinkly, Droopy, Saggy, Sleepy or Puffy? And what are you going to do about it?

Note, before starting any treatment program or procedure for the eyes especially, check with your doctor to make sure there is not an underlying medical condition that may be causing your problem.

Conventional Skin care wisdom dictates, if you are suffering from Wrinkly, Droopy, Saggy, or Puffy eyes we should all run out and purchase the latest and greatest over priced eye cream and we should proceed with caution when applying said cream to such a delicate area on the face. The instructions may state, lightly pat the eye cream/moisturizer around the eyes. I have heard this from every doctor or Skin Care Professional I know.

It has been my experience that everyone who buys into the eye cream routine will still have aging eyes. The best quality highest grade eye creams may deliver minor- temporary effects .Eye creams will not deliver long lasting major results. Many Plastic Surgeons say surgery is the only answer. If you have upper and lower eye issues like I did you will need two surgeries. Each eye lift surgery or medical procedure can cost from $3,000.00 to $10,000.00 and it still won’t fix the skin issue or take care of the underlying problem.

At 63years of age, I felt surgery was out of the question for me when planning my own regimen for the eyes. I knew conventional skin care practices were not going to get the job DONE. I have every skin care ingredient at my disposal and nothing was giving me even a modest improvement. There had to be a better product, ingredient, procedure or treatment. The first thing I did was throw conventional skin care wisdom out the window, and if Conventional Skin Care said to go right I am going to go left.

When I put together a plan of action for my eyes I looked up all that is available in Skin Care, Medicine, and home remedies, here are some of the treatments and remedies I found for the eyes:

Coffee, tea, cucumbers, potatoes, aloe, baking soda, coconut oil, parsley, a cold spoon, cold water, ice, salt water, egg whites, strawberries, vaseline, lemons, tooth paste,wiitch hazel, Preparation-H, Sleep positions: sleep elevated, fillers, ultra sound radio frequency, $3,000.00 PRP Vampire facial using your own blood, surgery, (BCA) Bichoroaceticic acid, blepharoplasty, cryotherapy, topical Retin- A, laser, yoga lymphatic drainage, eye creams and sun screen.

I then looked up causes and conditions, here are a few:

Water retention, age, lack of sleep, allergies, illness, crying, too much salt, artificial sweetener, make up, cataracts, contacts, genetics, medication, dehydration, muscles stretching around the eye, thyroid dysfunction, smoking, oxidative stress, sun exposure.

I was sure I didn’t have a medical condition, but I did. At the time I started I thought I just had old aging eyes, I really couldn’t explain it. Today I know what the problem was I had a buildup of old dried up depleted skin cells, discoloration or melasma hyperpigmentation and I had these bumps under my eyes called Syringomas. I was a mess! In other words I had Droopy, Saggy, Sleepy and Puffy eyes.

So what was I going to do? What I did was combine a few home remedies with some redesigned acids, peptides, microscrubs, and a couple of other ingredients. Set some clear defined goals and kept a detailed photo journal. Here you have it, my before and after.

BAM! I did it. I am clearly on the road to recovery. And I will NEVER have these eye issues again. Feeling Ageless!

My Skin Care treatment for the eyes will send SHOCK WAVES thru the Skin Care industry. The combination of treatments I did is not for the faint of heart, it’s a thorough work out to the skin around the eyes.

This system will save you thousands on unnecessary treatments. The winning combination is my philosophy, products, process, procedure, and protocol. Follow me, and I will teach you how…. instructions coming soon.


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As we finish up week 4 of our experiment we know a lot more about the aging of the skin and how to repair the build up that makes the skin cells sluggish. Our treatments at this stage of the Biokorium® Experiment are more individually tailored to a clients specific needs.

Here we feature our subject that was covered in Dark Spotting. After 4 weeks we have removed about 40% of her discoloration. Once we remove it all NATURALLY she will NEVER have this issue again. The build up around her eyes is almost gone. The wrinkles between her eye brows are gone. The best part of all is she looks and feels better and she is sooooooo happy! We have 4 more weeks to go. I’m TIRED! I know the future of Phenomenal Skin Care is going to be in the hands of an ESTHETICIAN. You will be able to go to your local salon and get a BioKorium® Age Defying Facial.

Discoloration, Melasma, and Freckling are the hardest skin problem to repair.

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Aging is a disease and everyone has it……

When I started to take a closer look at Skin Care I didn’t look at the science of ingredients. I didn’t even look at the process in which the skin works. I looked at the research on longevity and what all the major research centers such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc… were doing in the field of Anti-Aging. I wanted to know if in the future we would just take a pill and live to be 150 years of age free from disease. That is exactly what many researchers think. Maybe a pill or maybe some kind of cocktail….it will be that easy to live way beyond our current life expectations. The only issue I had with this theory is that who wants to look 150? Who wants to look 100 for that matter? And who was discussing Anti Aging of the skin?

At BioKorium Skin Care we have thought long and hard about the future of Skin Care. We believe the future of Skin Care will also be very similar to the future of internal aging. We believe that there will be certain topical applications that will s— l— o— w down the external aging and maintain the health and youthfulness of the skin. So much so that when you reach the age of 150 you’ll look FABULOUS.

We also believe that repairing, rebooting, rejuvenating and revolumizing the skin will play a bigger role in the overall health and wellbeing of the entire body and all its processes.

And one more thing, I can assure all my clients and friends that BioKorium will be in the fore front of all future Anti Aging products, treatments and protocols.

Above is an example of my work …..Vivian “the face lift facialist.”  The Future of Skin Care is here!

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By Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

This is one question I get a lot, simply because everyone wants to have a chemical peel in order to improve their appearance.  We’ve been told it’s an easy and quick solution for our facial woes.  But depending on the season, a peel may not be conducive to receiving optimium results, and aren’t results what we expect?  Therefore, the time of the year is important because Chemical Peeling  is as if your putting your skin thru a major workout, its trauma to the skin and the conditions for recovery is what’s equally important.

I have already begun my chemical peel for the winter.  Because of my age I will try to fit in at least 3 peels for the season. I will Include some spotting especially around my mouth and eyes. Check with your Doctor or Skin Care Professional if you are planning to do your eyes. I recommend the eyes for some of my clients but not all of them. People want  to peel and get the results, but what they don’t  realize or understand is the healing process.  The detail is in the healing not the peeling. No one teaches us this, even the professionals don’t, some clients will freak out during recovery. The whole idea with a chemical peel is to create a wound so that the skin can go through the healing process. There are 3 to 4 stages of healing (depending on who you ask) so it does take some time. If the skin heals up properly the collagen will rebuild and strengthen the skin, Awsome! If the skin is left vulnerable and  healing is interrupted problems can occur.

Skin redness, heat bumps, tightening, itchiness, and dry cracked peely skin, are all common after a chemical peel.  The deeper you take your peel the more activity will occur.  This is the natural inflammation process at work, which initiates the process of healing.  All these sequences need to be understood in order to make the final goal productive.

Now lets look at why Winter peeling  is more beneficial than Summer Peeling.   The Summer Season consist of more sunshine therefore more heat and sweat. which is not as conducive to a chemical peel, especially in regards to the healing aspect. With heat there is more opportunity for infection as well as its effect on nerve endings, causing more pain, discomfort, and irritation.  With more sunlight there is the opportunity for skin complications including discoloration. In the summer I like to use a light glycolic acid or a pumpkin enzyme for maintenance. If I am in need of a peel I will stick to a lunch time peel or a light peel that I really won’t have any down time or problems.

The Wintertime is the  perfect time to prepare your skin for the following summer by doing a peel. I will in fact try to get as much peeling in as possible.  It’s the perfect time and seasonal environment to build skin strength and skin immunity which leads to skin health.  What I mean, is that if you have skin health, your skin will have the strength and ability to endure and absorb the challenges of the following summer season.   The cool temperature of winter feels better on your skin and  is less irritating when your skin is healing. There is a reason why most surgeries are done in sub normal temperature environments.  A cooler surgery room means less chance of infection and other anomalies. In the cold winter months you are more likely to stay indoors and out of the sun during the healing process.

If you decide on getting  a professional peel this winter, be sure your Skin care professional is highly skilled.  A chemical peel performed correctly will lift and tighten the skin, add amazing clarity, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and most importantly, bring your skin back to better health.  That’s why the professional you choose to perform this procedure is important.  A Chemical Peel done wrong may cause deeper wrinkles, dry your skin out, increase the opportunity for discoloration and age the skin faster by the very anti-aging methods used, causing faster sagging of the skin. Remember the detail is in the healing not the peeling.

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BioKorium Skin Water is the first hydrating product which can be used for Skin, Hair and Scalp…. Now with Hydro-Force Technology….We have your back!

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BioKorium Original Facial Wash was developed for our Glycolic Acid Line. As a Registered Clinical Pharmacist I looked at cleansers that were being applied to bed ridden patients, and noticed that some of them were never rinsed-off, just wiped with a soft cloth. Our Facial Washes were based on the concept that they could be applied to the skin without rinsing, remove dirt, oils and skin debris. Further, the products were designed and formulated for better feel, texture, and ease of application. They are non-comedogenic, will not affect the natural pH balance of your skin, fragrance free, and Pharmacist developed and formulated. We feel our facial washes our the best on the market today.     The American Medical Association and Dermatologist state that soap and water will serve the same purpose as cleansing creams and lotions, is less expensive, and offers less risk of allergy.  However,soap can be more drying and irritating to the skin.  For this reason, I developed this Sulphate-Free Formulation 17 years ago when sulphate-free wasn’t even popular.

Our facial wash gently cleanses to remove oils and debris without the drying properties of other soaps and facial cleansers.  In addition, for those undergoing laser or chemical peeling, you will find this wash ideal for lightly cleansing tender skin of exfoliating skin debris in the post-op healing stages, while leaving skin clean and moisturized.    BioKorium’s Original Facial Wash is non-comedogenic, fragrance free and can be used on the most sensitive skin.  It’s been designed to be non-lathering, therefore allowing it to rinse easily, it can even be used to cleanse your hair if you forget your shampoo.  Many people our unaware that lathering has no purpose other than esthetic purpose and the illusion that the product is effective.  The non lathering character in no way hinders character. For Men, it can be used as a shaving lotion.  Because of its silky and gliding character, many have been using it as a base to shave with great results. Get in on the opportunity to experience our Original Facial Wash for the price of $19.00 for a 16 floz bottle.

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Don’t forget to order BioKorium’s Pumpkin and Cranberry Lotions for the Fall Season and Winter Season.  Our Pumpkin is made with pumpkin extract and natural moisturizing pumpkin oil in a delectable Holiday Pumpkin Scent. Our Fresh Cranberry Lotion is made with real Organic Cranberry Extract Fruit Juice produced in our lab and mixed with natural moisturizing Cranberry Oil in our own signature Holiday Cranberry Scent.  All holiday lotions will be reduced to $12.95