Are Your Aging Eyes Wrinkly, Droopy, Saggy, Sleepy or Puffy? And what are you going to do about it?

Note, before starting any treatment program or procedure for the eyes especially, check with your doctor to make sure there is not an underlying medical condition that may be causing your problem.

Conventional Skin care wisdom dictates, if you are suffering from Wrinkly, Droopy, Saggy, or Puffy eyes we should all run out and purchase the latest and greatest over priced eye cream and we should proceed with caution when applying said cream to such a delicate area on the face. The instructions may state, lightly pat the eye cream/moisturizer around the eyes. I have heard this from every doctor or Skin Care Professional I know.

It has been my experience that everyone who buys into the eye cream routine will still have aging eyes. The best quality highest grade eye creams may deliver minor- temporary effects .Eye creams will not deliver long lasting major results. Many Plastic Surgeons say surgery is the only answer. If you have upper and lower eye issues like I did you will need two surgeries. Each eye lift surgery or medical procedure can cost from $3,000.00 to $10,000.00 and it still won’t fix the skin issue or take care of the underlying problem.

At 63years of age, I felt surgery was out of the question for me when planning my own regimen for the eyes. I knew conventional skin care practices were not going to get the job DONE. I have every skin care ingredient at my disposal and nothing was giving me even a modest improvement. There had to be a better product, ingredient, procedure or treatment. The first thing I did was throw conventional skin care wisdom out the window, and if Conventional Skin Care said to go right I am going to go left.

When I put together a plan of action for my eyes I looked up all that is available in Skin Care, Medicine, and home remedies, here are some of the treatments and remedies I found for the eyes:

Coffee, tea, cucumbers, potatoes, aloe, baking soda, coconut oil, parsley, a cold spoon, cold water, ice, salt water, egg whites, strawberries, vaseline, lemons, tooth paste,wiitch hazel, Preparation-H, Sleep positions: sleep elevated, fillers, ultra sound radio frequency, $3,000.00 PRP Vampire facial using your own blood, surgery, (BCA) Bichoroaceticic acid, blepharoplasty, cryotherapy, topical Retin- A, laser, yoga lymphatic drainage, eye creams and sun screen.

I then looked up causes and conditions, here are a few:

Water retention, age, lack of sleep, allergies, illness, crying, too much salt, artificial sweetener, make up, cataracts, contacts, glasses, genetics, medication, dehydration, muscles stretching around the eye, thyroid dysfunction, smoking, oxidative stress, sun exposure.

I was sure I didn’t have a medical condition, but I did. At the time I started I thought I just had old aging eyes, I really couldn’t explain it. Today I know what the problem was I had a buildup of old dried up depleted skin cells, discoloration or melasma hyperpigmentation and I had these bumps under my eyes called Syringomas. I was a mess! In other words I had Droopy, Saggy, Sleepy and Puffy eyes.

So what was I going to do? After sifting thru all the preconceived nonsense I combined a few home remedies with some redesigned acids, peptides, microscrubs, and a couple of other ingredients. Set some clear defined goals and kept a detailed photo journal. Here you have it, my before and after.

BAM! I’m doing it. I am clearly on the road to recovery. It has taken me a little longer than I thought but its working. The discoloration, puffiness, bumps and wrinkles under my eyes going away. The Under eye trough is disappearing (the ugly half circle indent under the eyes). The puffiness around the upper lids of my eyes is fading. I work slower on my lids because the recovery takes longer.   The best part is I am wide awake I no longer have eye fatigue. Feeling Ageless!

My Skin Care treatment for the eyes will send SHOCK WAVES thru the Skin Care industry. The combination of treatments I did is not for the faint of heart, it’s a thorough work out to the skin around the eyes.

This system will save you thousands on unnecessary treatments. The winning combination is my philosophy, products, process, procedure, and protocol. Follow me, and I will teach you how…. instructions coming soon…………..Thank you for your interest Vivian