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Aging is a disease and everyone has it……

When I started to take a closer look at Skin Care I didn’t look at the science of ingredients. I didn’t even look at the process in which the skin works. I looked at the research on longevity and what all the major research centers such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc… were doing in the field of Anti-Aging. I wanted to know if in the future we would just take a pill and live to be 150 years of age free from disease. That is exactly what many researchers think. Maybe a pill or maybe some kind of cocktail….it will be that easy to live way beyond our current life expectations. The only issue I had with this theory is that who wants to look 150? Who wants to look 100 for that matter? And who was discussing Anti Aging of the skin?

At BioKorium Skin Care we have thought long and hard about the future of Skin Care. We believe the future of Skin Care will also be very similar to the future of internal aging. We believe that there will be certain topical applications that will s— l— o— w down the external aging and maintain the health and youthfulness of the skin. So much so that when you reach the age of 150 you’ll look FABULOUS.

We also believe that repairing, rebooting, rejuvenating and revolumizing the skin will play a bigger role in the overall health and wellbeing of the entire body and all its processes.

And one more thing, I can assure all my clients and friends that BioKorium will be in the fore front of all future Anti Aging products, treatments and protocols.

Above is an example of my work …..Vivian “the face lift facialist.”  The Future of Skin Care is here!

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