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As we finish up week 4 of our experiment we know a lot more about the aging of the skin and how to repair the build up that makes the skin cells sluggish. Our treatments at this stage of the Biokorium® Experiment are more individually tailored to a clients specific needs.

Here we feature our subject that was covered in Dark Spotting. After 4 weeks we have removed about 40% of her discoloration. Once we remove it all NATURALLY she will NEVER have this issue again. The build up around her eyes is almost gone. The wrinkles between her eye brows are gone. The best part of all is she looks and feels better and she is sooooooo happy! We have 4 more weeks to go. I’m TIRED! I know the future of Phenomenal Skin Care is going to be in the hands of an ESTHETICIAN. You will be able to go to your local salon and get a BioKorium® Age Defying Facial.

Discoloration, Melasma, and Freckling are the hardest skin problem to repair.

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