The connection between acne and mainstream acne products is “dehydration”.  What we don’t know about the care of acne is that overwashing not only irritates existing acne skin, but can dry the skin by removing the skins protective layer of natural oils which prevents the spread of acne associated bacteria. These activities destroys the skins natural resilence and protective properties by destroying the skin natural pH.   Further use of scrubbing cleansers, makes things worse.  The worst fallacy of acne is that its due to what you eat, the bacteria and the oil build up, therefore you need to keep it clean to the extrent of your skin becoming dry.  People do not realize that the truth regarding acne, is that acne needs moisture, and we fail to moisturize acne skin, because we are taught that is we scrub and cleanse are acne skin twice three times daily it will go away. Not true! You not only will be destroying your skin but will only exacerbate your problem of acne.

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