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Practicing Anti-Aging is the specialty at BioKorium® Skin Care. In this episode we present our 60 Plus Challenger Phyllis. Phyllis is a sun and water person who has used Skin Water® on her whole body for many years. In this episode, the Skin Water® absorption challenge gave her tighter, smoother skin and thinner facial features. We call it “De-Puffing” the Face. In this double challenge, Phyllis used Skin Water® not once, but twice to demonstrate it’s water absorption character on skin.  You can visually see in both instances the disappearance of the product, hence, Skin Water’s® ability to Hydro-Force® moisture into the skin.

Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) refers to the evaporation of water through the epidermis, or outer layer, of your skin.   As we get older the loss of water through evaporation via your skin becomes higher.   What does it means when your skin is unable to properly maintain its suppleness through normal hydration?  This means that excess Transepidermal Water Loss is occurring due to damage or age impairment to the skin’s protective barrier faster than the body can replace it, therefore allowing excess moisture content to evaporate from the skin into the atmosphere, resulting in dry, irritated, dehydrated and/or itchy skin.  Dry dehydrated skin can also accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Proper hydration is crucial in order to maintain a proper functioning body, as well as healthy skin.  What would happen to your body if you were allowed to only drink 1 fluid ounce of water daily?  You would absolutely know it would directly impact all bodily functions in a counterproductive way.  Hence, we can look at Skin Care in the same manner.  The Skin Care Industry has long sold the concept that there 1.7 ounce jar of cream will do it all, from skin hydration to skin tightening.  If that 1.7 ounce cream was to last you the month, do you actually think it will do things it was marketed to do?  At BioKorium® we believe that you would need if not 8 ounces but 16 ounces in order to maintain proper skin hydration for a month.  Our Skin Water® Hydration Cream was designed with this concept in mind.  Therefore proper hydration internally as well as externally contributes to reaching Anti-Aging goals.

The future of Skin Care is in forcing water into the skin.  Proper use of topical moisturizing and hydration products such as BioKorium® Skin Water® Hydration Cream with Hydro-Force® Technology can work to repair age related skin damage and a weakened skin barrier in order to reverse Transepidermal Water Loss and combat the signs of aging.  Indulge in a jar of Skin Water® Hydration Cream, the Big Gulp of Moisturizers.


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In this video, Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist Vivian Moreno demonstrates how to use Skin Water® Cream in this Hydration Challenge.  Moreno shows that Skin Water® can be used as a Facial Wash, as well as a Mask and Moisturizer.   Skin Water® can be used to remove make-up.  Leave on for 15 minutes, use a soft cloth to remove dirt, debris and make-up.  No water needed, it is optional.  Indulge in a jar of Skin Water® Hydration Cream, the Big Gulp of Moisturizers.

Anti-Aging with BioKorium® Skin Water® Hydration Cream with Hydro-Force® Technology can be used several ways: 1. as a Mask and 2. as a Moisturizer. Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist Vivian Moreno demonstrates the penetrating qualities of how to Anti-Age with Skin Water®.

Anti-Age with BioKorium® Skin Water® Hydration Cream, now with Hydro-Force® Technology.  A unique Age Defying skin care product designed for use on skin, hair and scalp. Hydrating, Protective, Penetrating, Calming, Healing, Antioxidant, Dye Free and Fragrance Free.


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Skin Care Specialist and Esthetician Vivian Moreno gives her take on Stress Aging especially when it comes to the Political Arena. The focus is Governor Gavin Newsom and Front Runner Larry Elder.

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BioKorium Skin Water is the first hydrating product which can be used for Skin, Hair and Scalp…. Now with Hydro-Force Technology….We have your back!

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I often am posed questions with regards to our products use of mineral oil, and how destructive it is to the skin. Though I have never seen studies to show otherwise. I found that representatives of the cosmetic industry have been passing the information of bad news of mineral oil. The perception that mineral oil as an undesirable ingredient continues through word of mouth, without any real basis in fact. Actually, mineral oil is a safe, effective, time-proven ingredient, preferred by many formulators. Yes, its inexpensive, but by far has effective characteristics that cannot be beat, the bottom line is that they work. Mineral Oil unfortunately gets a bad rap because it sounds so unnatural, but is actually as natural as any plant.  It is actually one of the most exceptional, least irritating, least problematic-causing ingredients for the skin.  Mineral Oil is of course a “natural” product, derived from purifying crude oil, and it’s  origins are derived from the degradation of plant material.  Therefore mineral oil in not sythesized, it occurs naturally in the earth, and is simply purified to the final state.

When mineral oil is incorporated into a cosmetic product, it requires less preservatives than using natural products. There is no doubt that there are impeccable qualities in “naturally” derived plant oils, but of course, need more preservatives to counteract growth of molds and bacteria, due to many nutrients that it contains.  In addition, mineral oil has little or no allergic reactions when compared to natural oils, and is number one recommended as a moisturizer for acne-prone skin.  Orally, mineral oil can be ingested with no side effects.  It is also known that hydrocarbons of a parafinic structure, such as mineral oil, exist naturally in human skin.

Mineral oil remains a key moisturizing ingredient due to (1) its well-documented reduction of transdermal water loss, and (2) its greater barrier to water vapor transmission than that of many other commonly used emollients.  In animal studies, it has been shown that mineral oil has no comedogenic potential.  More astonishing, when mineral oil was tested on humans, it was found to be completely non-comedogenic, compared to many plant derived oils.  Topical use of mineral oil does not represent a local or systemic toxicity risk to humans.  The most common function that mineral oil plays in cosmetics is one of moisturizing. It has been known for decades that efforts to overcome dry skin usually involve applying a moisture barrier to the skin surface which will retard the loss of water from the stratum corneum through evaporation. The reduction of this transepidermal water loss is what is meant by the term “moisturization”, even though no water is actually lost.

Remember, Petrolatum and Mineral Oil are natural products derived from degraded plant material from prehistoric times.  Be aware of mainstream marketing.  For example, just because a cosmetic company claims “oil free”, doesn’t mean it is.  Synthetic oils must be called “oil free”, because it was not derived naturally.  Only a natural derived products can be identified as an “oil”.  It is alway imperative not to believe everything that is mainstream marketed, but question and seek answers.