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by Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

My forehead looks really dry and flaky today, almost blistery. Anything I put on at this time is going sting.  But I still need to clean and cover it.  I don’t want to wipe the residual skin off my face right away, because I rather the skin fall off on its own.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that women make, is that they pull or remove the peeling skin before its time.  This will just cause more irritation, because they will expose the new tender skin below and extend unnecessary healing time.  But at the same time, I still have to clean my face, but I don’t want to use the facial wash on my face.  Less wiping means less healing time.  So I will use my Skin Water Cream for cleaning and hydrating.

My Regimen:

  1. I will apply a heavy coat of Skin Water Cream, and let set for only about 3 minute because yes it does sting.
  2. Then remove gently with a wet cool towel, and I mean gently.
  3. Then apply a good coat of Waterscreen Ointment.  It will look goopy  and shiny. About a fifty cent size.

I’m finished, my skin does feel itchy today, but not to bad of an itch. But overall it really looks good and progessing beautifully.  I’m expecting four days of healing time based on what I see.  This is my photo Journal of Winter 2011 Chemical Peeling.  I peel my skin about 3 maybe 4 times in the winter because the cool weather is more comfortable.

by Vivian Moreno, Esthetician


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    1. Good Morning Jessie,
      There are many Factors that create wrinkling even just washing your face with the wrong facial wash over time can cause havoc to the skin. So whats your point?

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