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by Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

I will be scalp peeling Today I have not peeled my scalp for some time. I will be using:

Microscrub Cream, Glycolic Acid 7% Cream, SkinWater Cream, Javier’s famous Scalp Serum, and a color brush (for the application process) .  This process will cleanse the scalp and pores, allowing optimum follicle health with resulting hair growth.

1.Apply Microscrub Cream directly to scalp with the color brush, as if you would be applying color.  With your fingers gently scrub your scalp for about 15 min.  At the very end of your gentle scrub session, your scalp may feel a little raw or sore,  that’s OK, because that is the sensation you are looking for.   Then rinse off.

2. Next, apply 7% Glycolic Acid Cream directly to scalp as if you would be applying color.  I’ve decided to try to leave this on for about an hour today.  The Glycolic can be left on from 15 minutes to a couple of hours.  I have even tried overnite. The longer you leave it on the flakier your scalp will become.  The flakes will look like dandruff.  It is a personal preference you will only be able to handle the sting for a while.  Today there is a definite sting happening on my scalp.  I will see how long I can handle it.  Last, rinse off ( If I only leave the Glycolic on a short time, sometime I will not rinse off.  I will just apply the SkinWater Cream.  The Skin Water Cream will neutralize the Glycolic Acid Cream).

3. Apply Javier’s Magic Scalp Serum, and let set for a couple of minutes DO NOT REMOVE.

4. Apply Skin Water,  AHHH this will cool everything down.  I will leave this on for an hour.  Then I will Wash and Condition my hair.

5. Then Style to perfection!!!  WOW ! AMAZING HAIR…

6. Now my husband will have to take me out…


  1. Wow! this sounds great. This wont affect my hair? it wont fall out? also do you know if this aids with traction alopecia?

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