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by Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

Its time to Peel! ..and Winter is the best time to do a peel.  My recomendation is for those of us 45 and older should Peel at least 2 times this season. Make sure you have a skin care coach, esthetician, or trainer, that can help and direct you. I will be posting my regimens daily. DO NOT PEEL unless you have Skinwater and Waterscreen.  This is my photo Journal of Winter 2011 Chemical Peeling.  I peel my skin about 3 maybe 4 times in the winter because the cool weather is more comfortable.

Today I am just going to peel my forehead I will be using Numbing gel (fresh mint gel toothpaste) because I hate the sting, 5% Glycolic Acid Cream, Skinwater, and Waterscreen. Make sure with any peeling that you figure in down time for healing. At least 3 to 4 days.

1.  I will apply the numbing on my forehead for about 3 minutes, then Rinse off with cool towel.

2.  I am going to start applying the glycolic at 15 min intervals. It should feel like a cool tingle at first. My goal is to get it to feel like a bad sunburn. I may need to layer this 3 to 4 times. I do not remove any cream during this process, I just keep layering. When it becomes to hot to handle! (This normally takes me about 3 hours with 5% glycolic acid cream or lotion.)

3.  I will layer a heavy coat of skinwater Let it set for 20 min. ( This time my skin absorbed so much Skinwater that I had to reapply a second coat).  Then rinse off with a cool towel gently.

4.  Apply a good coat of Waterscreen.

With this treatment I will experience a lot of flaking and it will really “ITCH.”   I will post my after care and explain why I do this.


  1. Vivian,
    I did the layering … just 3 times. Should I do this just one night only … or 2 or 3 nights in a row? I hate the burning too!!!

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