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BioKorium Original Facial Wash was developed for our Glycolic Acid Line. As a Registered Clinical Pharmacist I looked at cleansers that were being applied to bed ridden patients, and noticed that some of them were never rinsed-off, just wiped with a soft cloth. Our Facial Washes were based on the concept that they could be applied to the skin without rinsing, remove dirt, oils and skin debris. Further, the products were designed and formulated for better feel, texture, and ease of application. They are non-comedogenic, will not affect the natural pH balance of your skin, fragrance free, and Pharmacist developed and formulated. We feel our facial washes our the best on the market today.     The American Medical Association and Dermatologist state that soap and water will serve the same purpose as cleansing creams and lotions, is less expensive, and offers less risk of allergy.  However,soap can be more drying and irritating to the skin.  For this reason, I developed this Sulphate-Free Formulation 17 years ago when sulphate-free wasn’t even popular.

Our facial wash gently cleanses to remove oils and debris without the drying properties of other soaps and facial cleansers.  In addition, for those undergoing laser or chemical peeling, you will find this wash ideal for lightly cleansing tender skin of exfoliating skin debris in the post-op healing stages, while leaving skin clean and moisturized.    BioKorium’s Original Facial Wash is non-comedogenic, fragrance free and can be used on the most sensitive skin.  It’s been designed to be non-lathering, therefore allowing it to rinse easily, it can even be used to cleanse your hair if you forget your shampoo.  Many people our unaware that lathering has no purpose other than esthetic purpose and the illusion that the product is effective.  The non lathering character in no way hinders character. For Men, it can be used as a shaving lotion.  Because of its silky and gliding character, many have been using it as a base to shave with great results. Get in on the opportunity to experience our Original Facial Wash for the price of $19.00 for a 16 floz bottle.

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by Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

I will be scalp peeling Today I have not peeled my scalp for some time. I will be using:

Microscrub Cream, Glycolic Acid 7% Cream, SkinWater Cream, Javier’s famous Scalp Serum, and a color brush (for the application process) .  This process will cleanse the scalp and pores, allowing optimum follicle health with resulting hair growth.

1.Apply Microscrub Cream directly to scalp with the color brush, as if you would be applying color.  With your fingers gently scrub your scalp for about 15 min.  At the very end of your gentle scrub session, your scalp may feel a little raw or sore,  that’s OK, because that is the sensation you are looking for.   Then rinse off.

2. Next, apply 7% Glycolic Acid Cream directly to scalp as if you would be applying color.  I’ve decided to try to leave this on for about an hour today.  The Glycolic can be left on from 15 minutes to a couple of hours.  I have even tried overnite. The longer you leave it on the flakier your scalp will become.  The flakes will look like dandruff.  It is a personal preference you will only be able to handle the sting for a while.  Today there is a definite sting happening on my scalp.  I will see how long I can handle it.  Last, rinse off ( If I only leave the Glycolic on a short time, sometime I will not rinse off.  I will just apply the SkinWater Cream.  The Skin Water Cream will neutralize the Glycolic Acid Cream).

3. Apply Javier’s Magic Scalp Serum, and let set for a couple of minutes DO NOT REMOVE.

4. Apply Skin Water,  AHHH this will cool everything down.  I will leave this on for an hour.  Then I will Wash and Condition my hair.

5. Then Style to perfection!!!  WOW ! AMAZING HAIR…

6. Now my husband will have to take me out…

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by Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

My forehead looks really dry and flaky today, almost blistery. Anything I put on at this time is going sting.  But I still need to clean and cover it.  I don’t want to wipe the residual skin off my face right away, because I rather the skin fall off on its own.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that women make, is that they pull or remove the peeling skin before its time.  This will just cause more irritation, because they will expose the new tender skin below and extend unnecessary healing time.  But at the same time, I still have to clean my face, but I don’t want to use the facial wash on my face.  Less wiping means less healing time.  So I will use my Skin Water Cream for cleaning and hydrating.

My Regimen:

  1. I will apply a heavy coat of Skin Water Cream, and let set for only about 3 minute because yes it does sting.
  2. Then remove gently with a wet cool towel, and I mean gently.
  3. Then apply a good coat of Waterscreen Ointment.  It will look goopy  and shiny. About a fifty cent size.

I’m finished, my skin does feel itchy today, but not to bad of an itch. But overall it really looks good and progessing beautifully.  I’m expecting four days of healing time based on what I see.  This is my photo Journal of Winter 2011 Chemical Peeling.  I peel my skin about 3 maybe 4 times in the winter because the cool weather is more comfortable.

by Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

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by Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

Its time to Peel! ..and Winter is the best time to do a peel.  My recomendation is for those of us 45 and older should Peel at least 2 times this season. Make sure you have a skin care coach, esthetician, or trainer, that can help and direct you. I will be posting my regimens daily. DO NOT PEEL unless you have Skinwater and Waterscreen.  This is my photo Journal of Winter 2011 Chemical Peeling.  I peel my skin about 3 maybe 4 times in the winter because the cool weather is more comfortable.

Today I am just going to peel my forehead I will be using Numbing gel (fresh mint gel toothpaste) because I hate the sting, 5% Glycolic Acid Cream, Skinwater, and Waterscreen. Make sure with any peeling that you figure in down time for healing. At least 3 to 4 days.

1.  I will apply the numbing on my forehead for about 3 minutes, then Rinse off with cool towel.

2.  I am going to start applying the glycolic at 15 min intervals. It should feel like a cool tingle at first. My goal is to get it to feel like a bad sunburn. I may need to layer this 3 to 4 times. I do not remove any cream during this process, I just keep layering. When it becomes to hot to handle! (This normally takes me about 3 hours with 5% glycolic acid cream or lotion.)

3.  I will layer a heavy coat of skinwater Let it set for 20 min. ( This time my skin absorbed so much Skinwater that I had to reapply a second coat).  Then rinse off with a cool towel gently.

4.  Apply a good coat of Waterscreen.

With this treatment I will experience a lot of flaking and it will really “ITCH.”   I will post my after care and explain why I do this.

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By Vivian Moreno, Esthetician, My Hair loss Experience

     Reminiscing of my child hood from a very young age I remember my family as close, with an even closer extended family.  Growing up I remember listening to family members talk about the ‘family curse’, Hair Loss! Today 50 years later at our family gatherings 99.9% of all of my sisters and cousins have some form of hair loss, some more than others.  I have one cousin that is almost bald, and another with a full head of hair at 60 something, with everyone else in between. 

     I guess I was getting pretty close to bald, and would not even have notice if on one family occasion, my cousin greeted me and asked what was going on with my hair.  That’s when I became self conscious of my predicament, and began to increasingly take notice of this on more than one occasion.  There was one time I was having a conversation with someone, and notice their eyes moving up looking up at my blank scalp.  Well, it began to effect me so much that I would limit my exposure to normal living, and that wasn’t good.  I wouldn’t want to go anywhere or do much of anything, and would say to myself, “I had the worst hair on the planet”.

     Fifteen years ago my mother of all people, started wearing wigs religiously.  She told me that her hair loss started effecting her life, just as it had mine, and wigs were an option for her. She tried on Human hair, Synthetic Hair, Long hair and Short hair.  I tried to see the light in it when my mother would get complements on her hair, and my sister and I would just look at each other knowing it was the infamous #33, The Mona Lisa Wig at $39.95.  I had to hand it to her, you could not tell she was truly wearing a wig.  My Grand Children didn’t even know her secret, they never knew she wore a wig, and always knew my mom as having a lot of hair. Last Christmas my mom stayed with them for the holidays and when she came down the stairs one morning without her wig, they were traumatized by the sight of her with almost no hair. 

     I said to myself wigs were not going to be an option for me. I WANTED MY HAIR BACK! and I wanted all my hair back…

     I decided to conduct an experiment on my scalp and keep a photo journal. I knew enough about the skin and how it worked, so I started to apply those principles to the scalp, because after all, the scalp is skin, and my hair grows out of skin. My goal was to make my scalp as healthy as possible, because my theory was that if I made my scalp healthy my hair would grow back.  This I would do by removing all and any build up that would impede hair growth thru the follicle.  I went to my husband “the Pharmacist” to design and concoct a hair and scalp serum.  The final hair serum product was 3% Minoxidil, 60% Grapeseed Extract, Açaí Extract- produced in our lab, a Japanese extract with studies behind it- Eriobotrya Japonica (Loquat) Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Gingko Biloba Extract, Panthenol B-5, and some impressive French Extracts noted for hair growth-, Lupinus Albus Extract, Juglans Regia (SwissWalnut) Seed Extract-from a 400 year tree, Fractionated Soy Protein in Peptide Form.  All had some study to describe increasing follicle activity with of course, the end result, new hair growth.  This concoction would be an addition to the other products designed to  be incorporated into the planned hair regimen. This was my plan, and based on everything I believe to be true about Skin Care, it should work.

      I started taking pictures Bi Weekly, then monthly, then I got crazy and would photos daily  many photos daily. There were some days that I thought it was working and some days I thought It wasn’t working at all I stayed on course and I just let it happen. My hairdressers would let me know if they felt it was getting better or not. Only sometimes they felt it was getting better. I had highs and lows. Some days I believed and some days I didn’t. I started this experiment the beginning of August 2009 and here are the results as of December 2010.

With continuing the same treatment plan, here are the most current results as of March 2, 2011.

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Don’t forget to order BioKorium’s Pumpkin and Cranberry Lotions for the Fall Season and Winter Season.  Our Pumpkin is made with pumpkin extract and natural moisturizing pumpkin oil in a delectable Holiday Pumpkin Scent. Our Fresh Cranberry Lotion is made with real Organic Cranberry Extract Fruit Juice produced in our lab and mixed with natural moisturizing Cranberry Oil in our own signature Holiday Cranberry Scent.  All holiday lotions will be reduced to $12.95

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In ancient times, the Greeks and Egyptians used the fruit of the pomegranates to heal and revitalize the body.  Then, Pomegranate was also known as the fruit of the gods, because of the belief and myth that the fruit could transform and heal a person’s body and mind to be closer to that entity, and a secret to beknownst only to them.

     Until recently, scientific studies indicate that pomegranates have benefits far transcending ancient symbolism and leading them into the realm of true medical literature. Early on, a Reuters article dated  Oct 29, 2003, reported, “that compounds found in fruits such as Pomegranates and Grapes may help protect against the changes that can lead to skin cancer”, researchers told a conference of the American Association of Cancer Research. These were proven by test on mice which demonstrated that these extracts can slow down or prevent the damage done to skin by chemicals and sunlight.   

     Like all other antioxidants such as Green Tea, Grapeseed and the Açaí berry;  Pomegranate extract was found to help in mediating ultraviolet light damage.  In other words, this meant that your skin attained the ability to be more resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays.  By this, your skin may burn less or recover much more quickly than without it.   Interesting enough, this was a phenomenon we were seeing early on with our first antioxidant product of Grapeseed creams and serums.  Our clients were coming in after a day of sunning or going to areas such as Hawaii and telling us they weren’t getting burned as much with our product, compared to other times without it.    

     The reason for this protective factor, is that Pomegranate Extract is rich in polyphenols, a potent antioxidant also commonly found  in Green Tea and other antioxidants. One of the most powerful of the Pomegranate polyphenols is Ellagic Acid, which has been shown to be promising in a study for it’s anti-cancer and healing benefits.  

     One study confirmed that Ellagic Acid effectively protected cells from damaging free radicals of ultraviolet light.  In addition, it was found that other antioxidants in the fruit of the pomegranate combined synergistically with Ellagic Acid to greatly  increase pomegranate’s potency as an antioxidant.  In other words, it was found that this red fruit contained more than one antioxidant which worked together in a cascade effect to counteract the damage done to cells by chemicals, radiation and sunlight.  It did this by significantly lowering the swelling in damaged skin tissue and further, decreased the overgrowth of unnecessary skin cells, which could turn cancerous.

      In another study at the University of Wisconsin, a team tested pomegranate extract against a tumor causing chemical called TPA. In the skin of newborn mice.  In the TPA treated group, all the mice developed tumors at 16 weeks; whereas the mice treated with Pomegranate extract only 30%  exhibited tumors at the 16 week point.  BioKorium has been always been on the cutting edge of Antioxidant development since 1994, interpreting and understanding  what clinical studies reveal regarding the importance of certain fruit extracts and their relation to skin health. 

     At BioKorium we are proud to offer what we feel is the best handmade pomegranate fruit extract products in the form of facial creams and lotions formulated,developed and produced in small batches by Dr. Javier Moreno, PharmD, RPh , available since our conception 17 years ago.

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I am not a traditional facialist to say the least, but I was taught that way.  Much of what I was taught just didn’t make any sense to me. Those electronic skin care devices such as galvanic currents, the pretty colored light therapy that ranged from blue, green, yellow and red, and of course the draconian steam.  I called this the “fluff facial”.  Its has all the bells and whistles that most clients expect in a facial.  Many customer and clientele came in expecting this treatment.  Was it helping, of course not, but it sure gave the impression it did, and it looked pretty impressive to the customer, and in their mind they were convinced by the technology and believed results were happening.  But I honestly had to tell them, “Sorry, that’s not what I do.”  This was when I began to think out of the box.  I would tell them, when you lay on my treatment bed, you will not hear music, or have steam thrown in your face, or me massaging your shoulders, or will I be inundating you with unique scents….When come to see me you will not have all that, you will hear me talking…and talking skin.  Teaching you and telling you what you need to do to take care of your skin.

What happened, was that I realized everything that I learned in school didn’t sound right.  Placing steam, pretty lights and electronic devices on clients skin; was it really making a difference and transforming their skin?  Were they getting the results they expected? Were they happy and satisfied? Or the question was, did they even care?  We reached out to a niche market of clients unsatisfied with traditional facials, and wanted rational answers and most of all, a rational treatment regimen that made sense and gave results.  This initiated my search and destroy method of the current status quo thought to skin care.  And to this day many listen, then cringed, then listened again, then cringed less, and the transformation of new skin care thought and perception began, of course, in so many words.  This is what made me get up every morning and continue to strive for new, simple and basic skin care concepts that make sense, and I know it is successful when our clients our reaching their goals, and telling me, “Vivian,  seeing is believing”.

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What’s important to remember is that when you sweat, sweat complements your skin. Well you may ask, how can that be? Isn’t it considered dirty and attracts bacteria and odor? Well I have news for you. Not quite true. Your skin maintains a natural pH of 4.5-5.0 which is scientifically mildly acidic. The pH of Sweat is around 4.0-6.8. When skin is bathed with sweat it helps to maintain the natural acidic pH of skin. It doesn’t stop there, there is indeed a purpose. Sweat helps to maintain the natural healthy pH of the skin. It becomes an effective protective barrier to the elements. Are you still afraid to sweat? Well it also kills bacteria. This brings back the article I wrote regarding Skin and The French Connection, whereby overwashing the skin can create an unhealthy skin, this is because healthy skin is naturally acidic. It’s acidic for a purpose. Sweat; is a salty, watery solution produced by sweat glands, together with sebum, an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands. The main role of sebum is to waterproof the skin and hair. When sebum mixes up with sweat on the skin surface, the combo forms a protective layer often referred to as the acid mantle. Acid Mantle, helps protect skin from “the elements” (such as wind or pollutants), acid mantle also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. If acid mantle is disrupted or loses its acidity, the skin becomes more prone to damage and infection. The loss of acid mantle is one of the side-effects of overwashing the skin with soaps or detergents of moderate or high strength, and we all know what happens then. Mainstream cosmetic companies are always trying to sell you the concept of toners, to re-acidify the skin after using their alkalizing facial wash. Therefore look for a neutral to low alkaline facial washs, you won’t have that problem. Now, does sweat complement my skin? Absolutely, it may not always be a vision of beauty, but it does make your skin healthy, and the result of healthy skin is beauty.

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From fire and water came the spark of life of which emerged a complex biological system of what we know now as the human body. The purpose, the biological purpose of how are body was designed in order to survive the challenges of our environment is not only rudimentary, but primordial in origin. Sun exposure, temperature changes, food intake, immune strength; these our all elements that effect and challenge our bodies future level of survival. A lack of sunlight, for example, can have an effect on lowering Vitamin D levels which could result in larger health issues later. A lack of Vitamin D can also increase the risk of many types of cancer and lung diseases. This is the top reason for our need to be exposed to sunlight in order that our body receives and produces enough Vitamin D. The fact that electrons from the sun must pass through the skin to be processed in cells is example which demonstrates that ‘skin’ is a natural receiver or conduit of sunlight, in the form of electrons. These electrons are then processed within our skin to produce active levels of Vitamin D which maintain healthy processes within our body. This is another reason why we should not overlook the importance of maintaining healthy skin in relation to sun exposure. Ten minutes daily is sufficient. Sunlight also prevents many bacterial and viral infections. More importantly, sunlight strengthens our immune system by providing the platform to build our white blood cell count, and having a normal healthy level of White Blood Cells by which our body maintains a healthy immune system. The importance of maintaining our skin should not stop at our appearance, it now becomes a health issue pertinent to the very nature of our survival.