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by Vivian Moreno

Think of Re-Hydrating your skin as you would rehydrate your body. They say you need 8 cups water a day to keep a body healthy and hydrated.  If you only drank a sip of water a day you would become dehydrated or could eventually die.  This applies the same way to our skin.  Are we only applying a sip of hydration on our skin a day?  I think so.

The first step I took treating all the skin conditions throughout my career as an Esthetician was to rehydrate the skin. I knew that if I could rehydrate any skin type and I was able to deliver and maintain the moisture most skin problems would disappear. BioKorium’s Skin Water is my every day essential….. Vivian Moreno, Esthetician

BioKorium Skin Water Hydration Cream is the first and only Professional product designed to deliver the maximum amount of moisture possible to your Skin. This can be used like a mask, moisturizer, or a neutralizer.

We can lose the moisture in our skin at any age. Some of us lose it quicker than others. When you know your thirsty you pick up that cup of water to rehydrate your body. When your skin is dry most of us do nothing or don’t know what to do.

Many of us look at facials and Hydrating the skin as a luxury issue. It’s more important than you think, this is a health issue. Most day spas or salons offer skin care consultations for a minimal cost or sometimes it’s free.

Research shows that as we age we lose the hyaluronic acid in our skin. The job of hyaluronic is to hold water. When the skin looses its ability to hold its own moisture the skin will start to dehydrate And die. Causing medical problems and advanced signs of aging.

Preserving the hyaluronic acid in our skin is one of the most important things we can do as we get older. A quick and effective way to rehydrate the skin and stop many of the problems is to use Skin Water Hydrating Cream daily.

Get that glow back! The health benefits of well maintained hydrated skin is obvious. Healthy hydrated skin will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, block out bacteria and infections, reduce the inflammation and give you that youthful healthy glow back.

Its simple and easy. The most important thing we can do for our skin is to use about a ¼ oz. of good hydrating cream everyday, twice a day to the face neck and chest.

Using BioKorium Skin Water Hydration Cream is without a doubt the best and easiest way to deliver hydration to your Skin . We Guarantee it!

Can only be found in Skin Care establishments.

BioKorium Hydration daily take home regimen:
Morning: Skin Water
Evening : Facial Wash Skin Water
BioKorium Advanced Hydration take home protocol:
This is when your fixing a problem like aging, acne, discoloration, etc…you need a more advanced program.
Morning: 6 drops of peptides ( let set for 2 to 3 min ) Apply Skin Water and or an Anti -Oxidant
Evening: Facial Wash, Apply Glycolic Acid ( 5%,7% or 10%, let set on Face for 2 to 3 min) DO NOT REMOVE, Apply Skin Water ( can also be used like a mask)

BioKorium Skin Water Hydration Cream comes in four sizes with a suggested retail price: 2oz-$25.00, 8oz-$45.00, 16oz-$85.00 and 64oz-$195.00.

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