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Practicing Anti-Aging is the specialty at BioKorium® Skin Care. In this episode Skin Care Expert, Esthetician and Grandma Vivian Moreno explains and demonstrates that the Future of Skin Care is forcing water into the skin.  Grandson Joseph explains to Grandmother Vivian that Skin Water feels cold upon application and feels it being absorbed, as if the skin is drinking it.  At the same time, he later said he felt like it was burning.  Vivian explains that your skin talks to you, there are skin indicators that tell you what your skin is currently going through.  When your skin is really dry and dehydrated; and don’t have the proper moisture balance, that’s what happens, sometimes people will feel a little stinging.

the burning feeling is skin dryness due to improper moisture balance.  Skin Care Concerns at 20 Plus are Beach, Sun and Tattoo maintenance.

Proper use of topical moisturizing and hydration products such as BioKorium® Skin Water® Hydration Cream with Hydro-Force® Technology can work to repair age related skin damage and a weakened skin barrier in order to reverse Transepidermal Water Loss and combat the signs of aging. What the mainstream Skin Care Industry instructs us to use in order to maintain proper skin hydration is not enough! Your skin remains thirsty. We at BioKorium® believe you need a Gulp of Water to maintain Skin Hydration, not a Sip!  Skin Water is the Big Gulp of Moisturizers.

Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) refers to the evaporation of water through the epidermis, or outer layer, of your skin.  As we get older the loss of water through evaporation via your skin becomes higher, if you are younger, not so much.  Proper hydration is crucial in order to maintain a proper functioning body, as well as healthy skin at any age, even 20 Plus Skin.   Starting young means combatting Anti-Aging early.  Esthetician, Skin Care Specialist and Grandma Vivian Moreno demonstrates the penetrating qualities of how to Anti-Age with Skin Water®.

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