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Practicing Anti-Aging is the specialty at BioKorium® Skin Care.  In this episode Skin Care Expert and Esthetician Vivian Moreno explains and demonstrates one of her Anti-Aging skin treatments which includes Microscrub, Facial Wash, Greek Yogurt, Grapesseed Lotion and Skin Water Hydration Cream.  The Future of Skin Care is all about forcing water into the skin.  The last thing to remember is that skin treatments are based on Seasons and Weather.

Proper use of topical moisturizing and hydration products such as BioKorium® Skin Water® Hydration Cream with Hydro-Force® Technology can work to repair age related skin damage and a weakened skin barrier in order to reverse Transepidermal Water Loss and combat the signs of aging. What the mainstream Skin Care Industry instructs us to use in order to maintain proper skin hydration is not enough! Your skin remains thirsty. We at BioKorium® believe you need a Gulp of Water to maintain Skin Hydration, not a Sip!  Skin Water is the Big Gulp of Moisturizers.

Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) refers to the evaporation of water through the epidermis, or outer layer, of your skin. As we get older the loss of water through evaporation via your skin becomes higher. What does it means when your skin is unable to properly maintain its suppleness through normal hydration? This means that excess Transepidermal Water Loss is occurring due to damage or age impairment to the skin’s protective barrier faster than the body can replace it, therefore allowing excess moisture content to evaporate from the skin into the atmosphere, resulting in dry, irritated, dehydrated and/or itchy skin. Dry dehydrated skin can also accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Proper hydration is crucial in order to maintain a proper functioning body, as well as healthy skin. What would happen to your body if you were allowed to only drink 1 fluid ounce of water daily? You would absolutely know it would directly impact all bodily functions in a counterproductive way. Hence, we can look at Skin Care in the same manner. The Skin Care Industry has long sold the concept that there 1.7 ounce jar of cream will do it all, from skin hydration to skin tightening. If that 1.7 ounce cream was to last you the month, do you actually think it will do things it was marketed to do? At BioKorium® we believe that you would need if not 8 ounces but 16 ounces in order to maintain proper skin hydration for a month. Our Skin Water® Hydration Cream was designed with this concept in mind. Therefore proper hydration internally as well as externally contributes to reaching Anti-Aging goals.

Anti-Aging with the BioKorium® Skin Water® Hydration Cream with Hydro-Force® Technology can be used two ways: 1. As a Mask and 2. As a Moisturizer. Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist Vivian Moreno demonstrates the penetrating qualities of how to Anti-Age with Skin Water®.

In this episode Vivian uses BioKorium’s Original Facial Wash as a Mask.  The Facial Wash is another multiple use product.

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