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 If you go out into the desert without water or go to the snow clad mountains without a jacket is that smart? Skin can’t react to environmental intrusions and insults because it doesn’t have the strength and ability to do so. When it doesn’t have the strength respond,  it doesn’t have the ability to recuperate properly from a environmental beating. For example, if you haven’t exercised for a long time, can you logically attempt to pick up a hundred pound weight? You could, but you may injure yourself.  Your muscles aren’t healthy enough to react to a hundred pound weight, just yet.  You have to work your way to it. This is the same as what I call, “re-building your skin”.  Again, when your skin is working, and is truly healthy, it can react, and respond to environmental challenges more efficiently than unhealthy skin.  It’s the same way if you excercised on a schedule basis, your muscles will recuperate and build tolerance on a more efficacious level.  The same can be applied to skin, and the best part is, when one attains the goal of healthy skin …the absolute side effect is anti-aging…

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