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What! Sunscreens cause skin cancer?  Why is it that the very entity you entrust to protect your skin, can turn on you and cause the detrimental skin cancer.  Though the common consensus among the medical establishment still strongly supports the use of sunscreens, there is a growing consensus among progressive researchers that the use of sunscreens does not prevent skin cancer.  Do you  remember, when we thought nothing of spraying our bodies with mosquito spray?  Did we really think that that this practice was safe?  Did we really know that we were spraying pesticide on our skin?  Does anybody get the picture? According to the old cliché, does anybody see what is wrong with this picture?  The picture is that we readily accept the “status quo” as being mainstream acceptable and right.  We are failing to think for ourselves (because we don’t know any better), and failing to interpret our own bodies communication directed toward us.  In doing so, we are failing ourselves and inadvertently leaving ourselves to the control of outside mainstream sources…

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