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The best way to attain good health at any age is good body fitness which includes nutrition and exercise. This same concept we have applied to our skin which is our way of expressing the need for good ‘skin nutrition and exercise’, which we call “Skin Fitness”.  In order to build new muscle, we need to exercise by warming up and to weight train. To be healthy, we need to drink plenty of water, have good body nutrition by eating right, taking the right anti-oxidants and oils.  And we all know that if we stop weight training and good nutrition,  muscle will begin to atrophy; the same with skin.   Remember you are the ‘Personal Trainer’ for your skin, with  the end result being ‘Skin Fitness”.

My focus in teaching new facial students is to instruct them to take the approach of being their clients  ‘Personal Trainer’ for their skin.  Just like you would have a personal trainer for the body, you would be a trainer for the skin.  Just like a trainer who knows how to work and move a muscle, as a facialist we know how to work and move skin.  If the goal is to attain ‘skin fitness’,  the facialist  would have to take the role to be their coach to guide them to reach their goal of attaining healthy skin.

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