Juglans Regia (Walnut) Seed Extract known as Gatuline® Age Defense by Gattefossé is an antioxidant, anti-pollution, protective and anti-aging agent. It is derived from the green walnut from groves overlooking the Alps.  Intrinsic aging is the natural deterioration of the skin with age, while extrinsic aging is the cumulative effect of exposure to UV and environmental stress over time.  It aids the skins cells to organize their own defenses against the extrinsic and chronological signs of aging protecting against oxidative stress, UVB-induced programmed cell death, and skin erythema or irritation. The manufacturers studies show it to be significantly more efficacious than Vitamin C in improved protein synthesis, to prevent elastin fibers from degrading thereby keeping the skin firmer and to aid in boosting cell metabolism slowing down the aging process of the cell. With a combination of scavenging and energizing molecules, it protects the natural cellular antioxidant pool.  The skin is thus protected from harsh external factors—e.g. UV & pollution and able to resist the effects of time. It displays stimulating effect on cutaneous cell metabolism and anti-elastic activity. It stimulates keratinocyte proliferation and fibroblast protein synthesis.



BioKorium’s Walnut Age Defense, is not just another simple anti-aging active product. Its boosting activity provides cells with a new kind of energy, reinforcing their natural protective systems, and regenerating their energetic potential. Finally, a two-fold product offering active protection to the skin against aging and environmental elements. A true pro-active product that helps cells organize their own defense against all signs of aging (extrinsic and chronological), and is focused upon preventing damage, rather than merely repairing it, thus reversing the aging process. Contains another botanical active from the French company Gattefosse which has the effect of a topical botox which provides a myorelaxing activity, or in other words, substantially decreases facial muscle contraction, therefore strongly reducing wrinkle appearance. We’ve added an advance peptide complex, which smoothes complexion, increases firmness and brightens the skin, providing youthfulness and vitality.  No fragrance added, what one will noticed is a subtle natural walnut scent.

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