BioKorium has been always been on the cutting edge since 1994. In the early 90’s studies began to reveal the importance of certain fruit extracts and their relation to skin health.  Now, there are numerous studies exploring the therapeutic value of topically applied anti-oxidants, from fruit sources, that people can begin incorporating into everyday life.  We are proud to offer what we feel are the best handmade anti-oxidant products available in the marketplace since our conception 18 years ago.  “Food for the Skin”; this is what helps retard aging and promote healthier, more resilient, younger looking skin. All products have been formulated and produced by Javier Moreno, PharmD, RPh


The leaves of White Tea are picked and harvested before the leaves open fully, when the leaves are covered by white fine hair. Hence the name.  White Tea is scarcer than the other traditional teas, and therefore quite expensive. White Tea Leaf contains more concentrations of polyphenols than Green Tea Leaf. The results of studies with White Tea Leaf suggest a greater inhibitory potency in cancerous cells than Green Tea Leaf.  Treatment of Green Tea and White Tea polyphenols to skin has been shown to modulate the biochemical pathways involved in inflammatory skin responses. In other words, cell proliferation, responses of chemical tumor promoters and ultraviolet (UV) light-induced inflammatory markers of skin inflammation are reduced.  The author of the report, Santosh Katiyar, Ph.D., of Case Western University, who received funding from the Cancer Research Foundation of America to study the chemo preventive effects of green tea, also found that the substance might be effective against skin cancer if used in skin care creams.


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