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Makeover Madness. Hollywood has lost their minds!

A list Celebrities have gone Crazy over current and popular plastic surgery practices like Botox and fillers. Filling up their faces like ready- to- pop water balloons in the quest for forever youth, only to totally regret it in the end.

Simon Cowell – is done with Botox and fillers, “I might have gone a bit to far”

Cortney Cox – “You have no Idea because its gradual until you go, Oh Shit this doesn’t look right”

Nicole Kidman – “I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got it out and now I can finally move my face”

Mickey Rourke – claimed he went to the wrong man to put his face back together

Pricilla Presley – “I fell victim to botched plastic surgery”

Linda Evangelista – A Plastic Surgery Nightmare that left her “Brutally Disfigured”

The list of Hollywood A-listers and their regrets continue to grow. The demand to stay young and beautiful to protect multimillion-dollar images is the way of life in the film industry. What’s unfortunate these A-lister now have a new platform, Its not their lifetime of work Its about bad plastic surgery and their regrets. The New multimillion-dollar image and message of today’s film elite is to be “Brutally disfigured.”


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