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We need to start a new Skin Care Revolution.  The way skin care is practiced today is not working.  I have not seen dramatic results as we are promised by the skin care industry.  Like building your collagen.  Have you ever seen anyone who actually has rebuild their collagen?

When I became 62, and I looked at my photo, I was just disgusted.  I decided I was either going to get out of the business, or I was going to figure it out.  I literally had to start over, in finding new ways and new avenues on how to repair my skin.  Well, I found it, and I am going to explain to everyone on how I found it.  I am going to take everyone on my journey on how to attain the best skin care possible and to see if I can get my skin better than it is today.  Your skin is the largest organ, and I’m going to show you how it impacts your entire body! Enormously!

What I have been telling my clients is that “Skin Care Can Never Repair Your Skin, The Only Thing That Can Repair Your Skin… Is Your Skin!  In other words, your skin has to be as healthy as possible!  Therefore, we have to look at the health of the skin!  Healthy Skin in my opinion means results.  When your skin is healthy, your skin functions well.  We have to remember that effects happen within the skin cells.  Skin Cells must communicate, therefore when those cells are communicating properly, you will attain ageless skin.   Well-functioning skin attains extraordinary results; hence, great skin results lead to a cosmetically great skin care appearance.  This is what we want to achieve within the realm of skin care results.  Unfortunately, no one in the skin care industry is currently talking about Skin Health and well-functioning skin!

There are repair mechanisms in each and every one of your cells, you have to get them to work, you get them to work through proper skin care; by proper skin care they will do their job, doing their job is allowing these skin cells to communicate.  Hence, with increased cell communication you will allow these skin cells to make you ‘AGELESS.’

My premise is I want concrete results from skin care, and I want those results to last me a lifetime!  Remember, “Skin Care Can Never Repair Your Skin, The Only Thing That Can Repair Your Skin, Is Your Skin!”


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