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Practicing Anti-Aging is the specialty at BioKorium® Skin Care. Esthetician and Skin Care Expert Vivian Moreno has developed a way to demonstrate changes within the skin during the aging process, this in order to determine a plan to combat anti-aging. This process is known as Photojournaling, which is Step One of the Anti-Aging process.

Back in November of 2018 Vivian posted a blog on the very subject of Photojournaling in addition to the Seven Signs of Aging, which she will talk about in a future video.  In that blog posting she presents her first photo taken in April 2009 at Age 53.  The next photo was the one that shocked her taken in December 2017.  From these two photos she realized that what the skin care the industry was preaching, wasn’t working.  She began to tackle the question of “Why it wasn’t working!”  The next picture was taken almost a year later at Age 63 in November 2018, which showed her progress.  Photo Journaling gave a Snapshot in Time,  which allows one to compare with other Snapshots in Time.  Using these Time Shots as reference points gives a visual window to allow her to change the way main stream teaches skin care.  Photo Journaling; a Visual Window to Anti-Aging.

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