BioKorium’s Microdermbrasion Creams are formulated with Aluminum Oxide Crystals the same crystal used in microdermabrasion machines and the second hardest element next to the diamond, Bamboo Exfoliating Extract obtained from the bamboo tabashi stems, Aloe Vera Oil, and Malachite Gem Extract obtained from the dissolution of the malachite gem which is responsible for the active copper content and bluish tint of the cream.


BioKorium’s Microdermabrasion Products gently remove dead skin cells and debris from the skins surface, leaving skin soft and supple, clarifying skin and complexion, leaving skin with a smooth and even texture surfaced. The base of BioKorium’s Microdermabrasion Cream is uniquely composed of our Skin Water Base and our Signature Anti-Oxidant Base which are coalesced and blended together to form one product, before important actives are added.  Pharmacist designed and formulated.

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