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Acne regimens are different than just a regular skin care plan because you must heal up the condition, clear up the skin and then bring the skin back into balance. When you start an acne plan, it’s going to be about how your skin feels, not necessarily how it looks. If your skin were in perfect balance, it would work better, which is the goal. Clear skin is the side effect of PH-balanced skin, just like weight loss is the side effect of healthy eating.

Here is a list of behaviors and products you must stop before starting a new program.

  1. Stop over washing the skin
  2. Stop wearing face makeup with sunscreen in it
  3. Should only use face makeup for special occasions
  4. Stop using sunscreen
  5. Do not scrub your skin

You can return to sunscreen and makeup if you like when you are on the right track.

After week one, Text me to let me know how it is going. If I need to adjust your plan, I can do so. When you get to weeks 3 and 4, the skin care plan will become more or less aggressive, depending on your results.


One of the FIRST LESSONS of skin care I will teach you is that at age 21, you should be using little or NO skin care. You will use skincare to help correct the issues you are having with your skin today. We will change the course of action according to how your skin responds to the treatment. The more you learn about your skin and how it responds to life conditions, diet, and skin care treatments, you will have what I consider “skin care freedom.”

BioKorium products are treatment-oriented and are used in many cases to clean, heal and protect the skin.

  1. CLEAN your Skin with Green Tea Facial Wash, Greek Yogurt, Baking Soda, and Coconut Oil.
  2. CLEAN and Heal with an Oatmeal Mask
  3. HEAL with Ices’t Cream Firming Gel
  4. PROTECT with Skin Water Hydration Cream
  5. PROTECT with Water Screen Protective Ointment

The SECOND LESSON is that there are many ways to clean the skin. You will find which product you and your skin will like the best.

The THIRD LESSON is that skin care can be used any time and often only once daily. Sometimes the skin also needs to take a SKIN CARE VACATION. Especially at 21!

Treatments can be consecutive or every other day and applied in the morning or evening.

Products used in this video are BioKorium Green Tea Facial Wash, BioKorium Oatmeal Herbal Mask, BioKorium Ices’t Cream Firming Gel, BioKorium Skin Water Hydration Cream, Greek Yogurt (Any Brand), Pumpkin and BioKorium Waterscreen Protective Ointment.

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