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Chemical Peeling is a common practice women do to bring a breath of fresh air to lifeless, old, depleted and damaged skin.  The best time to chemically peel the skin is in the cold winter months.  The temperature of the day are cooler and daylight time shorter.   Having a great skin care plan to follow is of utmost importance in addition to understanding the peeling protocol.  With this in mind, planning the peeling and healing process are a must when designing a personal skin care plan that will work for you. Always check with your Physician when starting any treatment protocol for the skin. Don’t forget to do a test patch when starting any new product.

In this video,  BioKorium® Skin Care has placed together a winning combination of three essential products needed to get successful long lasting results: BioKorum® Original Facial Wash, BioKorium® 5% Glycolic Acid Lotion and Skin Water Hydration Cream with Hydro-Force Technology.  Skin Water® provides greater protection to the skin after the peeling process.  It also replenishes necessary hydration and moisture needed to attain proper healing  in order to reach incredible and pristine skin results.

This video will demonstrate how to use Glycolic Acid properly.  The Philosophy at BioKorium® in using Glycolic Acid products for exfoliation, is to increase you skins ability to draw moisture and refresh new growth of healthy skin.  In order to attain the goals with Glycolic Acid, we believe that less of a percentage concentration is safer and more effective. We are going to show how to use lower concentrations of Glycolic Acids in order to attain and receive extraordinary results.

BioKorium® uses an active high purity cosmetic grade glycolic acid incorporated into a pharmaceutical designed hydration lotion base which insures stability and proper activity. These lotions are compounded and calculated based on active or true percentages. Unlike others, our glycolic products are unaltered or neutralized in any way. Use as directed per licensed Aesthetician.

Proper hydration is crucial in order to maintain a proper functioning body, as well as healthy skin. Our Skin Water® Hydration Cream was designed with this concept in mind. Therefore proper hydration internally as well as externally contributes to reaching Anti-Aging goals. We at BioKorium® believe you need a Gulp of Water to maintain Skin Hydration, not a Sip! Skin Water® Hydration Cream is the Big Gulp of Moisturizers.

BioKorium has been experimenting with the application of Glycolic Acid to their clients and family for 18 years. We are convinced it is the safest way to remove dead skin cells and debris from the skin.

These products are designed to work. Results from BioKorium facials using Glycolic Acids are noticed immediately. Glycolic Acid is one of a group of naturally occurring fruit acids also recognized as Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA’s. AHA’s are among the oldest of skin care products. Glycolic Acid is derived from sugar cane and is non-toxic. It has the ability to dissolve the glue from the upper layer of skin cells allowing a more youthful, smoother looking appearance to be revealed. Unlike other AHA’s such as lactic acid from sour milk, Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecular size, therefore it can penetrate the skin more efficiently. It also has the ability to absorb water upon exposure to air therefore functioning to add moisture back into the skin.


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