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  The future at BioKorium® Skin care will be focused on delivering measurable skin care results. Not just for the face but the entire body. We will be able to address all skin care needs with razor sharp precision. When we started the BioKorium® Experiment we didn’t know what to expect. Here is a clear example of Rebuilding, Re-sculpting and Resetting the skin in order for it to work better.
Feeling Ageless is what my clients begin experiencing after about 6 to 7 months into the process. We can teach you how to clean up your skin or we can do this for you. The results take a little longer when you do this facial yourself. I did myself.
  I have worked on this client for one year. Her results are measurable, she is extremely happy. I will be posting my own skin care results shortly. I have been working on my skin for almost a year and a half. We will be starting a new class soon. Stay Tuned!

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