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Skin care in the summer is approached differently than skin care in the winter.  I don’t believe in sunscreens.  If your skin is healthy you don’t need sunscreens.  I was at Disneyland the other day and noticed Mom’s slathering their children with sunscreen.  It made me sick to see that the natural process of the skin was being blocked.  The question is, “What would we do if their was no sunscreen”?  What is interesting in the summer, is when we sweat, we feel it is gross and unclean, and we are quick to prevent it by washing it off.  When, in actuality, there is a benefit to the skin by the action of sweating.  Sweat is a protective factor that helps maintain pH and health.  In the summertime, if your skin is functioning properly, you should not have problem in the sun.  If you overbath, over use bar soap or body washes, loofas and wash clothes, salt scrubs or sugar scrubs, and don’t allow your skin to sweat.  You will therefore need more skin care products to repair and maintain your skin.

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