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Our skin is under continual attack from both external and internal factors. As we age, our body’s protective systems become overworked and cannot keep pace with the damage being caused to our skin. One of the leading causes of damage to the skin is due to attack by free radicals. Free radicals (also referred to as reactive oxygen), cause our skin to show signs of aging, cause pronounced wrinkles, reduce firmness and elasticity to the skin. One of the best ways of slowing this process, as well as helping to repair existing damage, is to restore the body’s own defense mechanisms and skin repair enzymes. You'll find these properties of defense in BioKorium's Serums, Silks and Eye Cream products.

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Açaí Extract Facial Serum
1.0 floz (item #AFC1)  $65.00 Each  
2.0 floz (item #AFS2)  $105.00 Each  
  BioKorium’s Açaí Serum contains one of the most powerful anti-oxidants available. The raw Açaí juice is concentrated and conditioned for cosmetic use in our labs. Research has shown it to be more potent than the anti-oxidant power in 30 glasses of red wine. Easily absorbed by the skin, this water soluble anthocyanidin has a unique ability to eliminate damaging free radicals thus reducing inflammation, but aids in rebuilding collagen and helping to repair damaged tissue. We've added the powerful Gatuline® Age Defense Ogliopeptides and moisturizing skin stimulating Nutripeptides®. All working to improve skin elasticity and smoothness, reactiviating damaged collagen and delaying visual signs of aging.  
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Grapeseed Extract Facial Serum
0.5 floz (item #GSS)  $30.00 Each  
1.0 floz (item #GSS1)  $55.00 Each  
2.0 floz (item #GSS2)  $80.00 Each  
4.0 floz (item #GSS4)  $130.00 Each  
  BioKorium’s Grapeseed Extract Serum contains a high Grapeseed Proanthrocyanidin concentrate with a nutripeptide complex of di-peptides and tri-peptides which penetrate the skin rapidly, revitalizes cell metabolism and reinforces the defense potential of the skin. Nutripepetides compensate nutritional imbalances in cells activating the synthesis of dermal skin proteins (collagen I, III, VII and fibronectin)to increase collagen, and improves recovery capabilities following sun exposure. BioKorium’s Grapeseed Serum also contains the protective properties of Pomagranate Extract, White Tea Extract, Bilberry Extract, Cucumber Extract, and Chamomile Extract insuring one of the finest and most active Pharmaceutical grade product available.  
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BiolTox Eye Cream
0.5 oz (item #BTEC1)  $44.00 Each  
  BiolTox Intense Eye Creme improves skin tone and firmness by maintaining the integrity of the extra cellular skin matrix around the eye. Therefore promoting an immediate anti-wrinkle effect. Its ant-aging components inhibit enzymes found in the skin responsible for the degradation of elastic tissue, and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and fibrillin therefore restoring smoother skin tone. Our new eye cream was created to be anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and includes a topical botox effect. The topical botox effect provides myorelaxing activity, or in other words, substantially decreases facial muscle contraction, therefore strongly reducing wrinkle appearance. In combination with other extrodinary botanicals which have very similar end results leads to an eye cream that out performs any other in the market place.  
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