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Facial Washes
Uniquely formulated to provide your skin type and facial area with a gentle, yet thorough cleansing.

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Original Facial Wash
12 floz (item #ofw12)  $16.00 Each  
16 floz (item #ofw16)  $19.00 Each  
  Our Original Facial was developed for our Glycolic Acid Line. As a Registered Clinical Pharmacist I looked at cleansers that were being applied to bed ridden patients, and noticed that some of them were never rinsed-off, just wiped with a soft cloth. Our Facial Washes were based on the concept that they could be applied to the skin without rinsing, remove dirt, oils and skin debris. Further, the products were designed and formulated for better feel, texture, and ease of application. They are non-comedogenic, will not affect the natural pH balance of your skin, fragrance free, and Pharmacist developed and formulated. We feel our facial washes our the best on the market today and Sulfate Free.  
Original Facial Wash with 1% Glycolic Acid
16 floz (item #ofwga)  $21.00 Each  
  The exact same as the original but infused with 1% Glypure 70, the purest cosmetic grade glycolic acid on the market.  
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Green Tea Facial Wash
12 floz (item #GTFW12)  $16.00 Each  
16 floz (item #GTFW16)  $21.00 Each  
  This was our second in the our line of facial washes developed on the same concept as our Original Facial Wash, but created with a lighter texture. Developed for those undergoing laser treatment or chemical peeling. You will find this wash ideal for lightly cleansing tender skin of exfoliating debris in the post-laser or post-peel healing stages. Further, BioKorium’s Green Tea Facial Wash includes active amounts of Green Tea Leaf Extract, noted for its soothing and ant-oxidant properties, leaving skin clean and moisturized. Chamomile Extract is also included for its ant-inflammatory and calming properties. Current studies indicate that green tea extract shows great promise in the prevention and treatment of various skin conditions, such as skin cancer. BioKorium’s Green Tea Facial Wash is non-comedogenic and can be used on the most sensitive skin. It’s been designed to be low lathering, therefore allowing it to rinse easily. Our Green Tea Facial Wash can be used with equal portions of our Oatmeal Herbal Masque and used first as a scrub, then leave on as a Masque, then rinse.  
Açaí Berry Extract Facial Wash
16 floz (item #ABEFW16)  $23.00 Each  
  Based on the Original Facial Wash Formula, created with our own Açaí Extract produced from the raw product in our labs. This allowed us to concentrate this ant-oxidant product to levels unavailable in the cosmetic marketplace. Increase concentration means more anti-oxidant activity. We also infuse this product with 4 other extracts produced in house which are Cranberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Pomegranate.  
Cranberry Extract Facial Wash
16 floz (item #CEFW16)  $22.00 Each  
  BioKorium’s Cranberry Extract Facial Wash is made from real Cranberry juice which has been concentrated in our labs to increase anti-oxidant potential and benefits. Cranberry Extract, known for its skin protectant properties and high anthocyanidin content is now available in our facial wash with our own signature fresh picked Cranberry Scent.  
Grapeseed Facial Wash
16 floz (item #GSFW16)  $23.00 Each  
  Due to the poplarity of our Grapeseed Extract Cream Line we felt in was necessary to add complementary facial wash to that line, and of course base on the same concepts as our Original Facial Wash. We developed a great all around facial wash which not only had a hydrating factor but added five great botanicals. This includes primarily active amounts of Grapeseed (Vitis Vinefera) Extract, following with Chamomile (Matricuria) Extract, Comfrey Extract, Calendula Extract and Ivey Extract. Grapeseed Extract used for its anti-oxidant properties with new studies showing it to curve the development of skin cancer. Chamomile Extract for its calming and anti-inflammatory effectes, Comfrey Extract which contains allantoin which in anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory, Calendula Extract for its soothing and healing effects, and Ivey Extract for reducing puffiness and swelling (decongestive).  
Lavender Facial Wash
16 floz (item #LFW16)  $22.00 Each  
  Based on our Original Facial Wash, we add imported Essential Oil of French Lavender flowers to this wash, with a delicate and natural floral scent.  
Orange Blossom Facial Wash
16 floz (item #OBFW16)  $22.00 Each  
  Developed to honor Riverside’s Citrus Heritage. Made its first debue at the Riverside Orange Blossom Festival. Based on the original fomula we’ve added the exotic and calming essential oils of true Orange Blossoms (Citrus Aurantium) or also known as Neroli Flowers. Orange Blossom Oil works well with skin that is dry, irritated or sensitive. It regulates oiliness and minimizes enlarge pores by having the characteristic of being mildly astringent. Orange Blosssom Essential Oil helps to clear acne and blemished skin, especially if the skin lacks moisture.  
Sunflower Extract Facial Wash
16 floz (item #SFFW16)  $19.95 Each  
  We developed this great all around facial wash, which not only has a hydrating factor, but also contains five great botanicals: Extract of Sunflower Petals, Chamomile Extract, Calendula Extract, Comfrey Extract, and Ivey Extract. We included active amounts of the primary extract, Extract of Sunflower Petals, to help reduce redness and to soothe irritated skin. Next we added Chamomile Extract for its calming and anti-inflammatory effects. Comfrey Extract was used because it helps calm skin irritation and also helps with inflammation. For soothing and healing effects, we added Calendula Extract. To finalize our facial wash, we added Ivey Extract to reduce puffiness and swelling.  
Coconut Extract Facial Wash
16 floz (item #CFW16)  $19.95 Each  
  BioKorium’s Coconut Facial Wash is made from real Coconut Extract with our tantalizing Toasted Coconut Scent.  
Cucumber Melon Extract Facial Wash
16 floz (item #CMFW16)  $19.95 Each  
  BioKorium’s Cucumber Melon Facial Wash is created with natural Cucumber and Melon Extract infused with our own signature Cucumber Melon Scent.  
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