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Vivian and Javier, you are the skin CZAR’S. I have used the La Montanita Syrah Skin Cream, (Javier gave me a sample), and it is wonderful.
    - Barbara R., Riverside, CA

Oh Vivian, you have me hooked!! I really LOVE your products! I do not want to EVER use anything else on my face!! You are a SUPERSTAR and I could NEVER express enough how much I Love YOU!!!!!!
    - Wesley H., Ontario, CA

Dear Vivian and Javier- Many years ago- maybe 2000 or 2001- I was in Riverside for work and stumbled into BioKorium on a day off. I met Vivian (I doubt you remember, but I was a young tour manager for a production of Nat King Cole's 'Unforgettable' musical and in town for a show) and asked for advise on my skin issues. Although I was 22 or so, I still was dealing with cystic acne I had had since my teens, and Vivian put me on a routine of 15% glycolic cream and 20% grapeseed cream. She also had me start on a non-foaming wash. We talked for ages and I loved hearing Vivian's stories about the products coming to be. "I've experimented with glycolic acid on every inch of my body...I've seriously burnt my skin... " Wow! This woman was no joke! I asked about the creams "How often do I use them?" "When should I use the glycolic and when should I use the grapeseed?" Vivian simply said "Just listen to your skin. When It wants glycolic give it glycolic. When it's had enough give it grapeseed". I never expected such a response! And somehow, odd as it sounds, that little comment revolutionized the way I have approached my body ever since. Not just skin care... exercise and eating and such... I have learned to listen to what my body needs instead of just blindly following some stock formula . All because of Vivian's offhanded comment 10 years ago! I left the store that day with twice as many products as I had paid for. Vivian kept saying "Here just take this, we're discontinuing this or that scent. Oh I'll just give you this, it's already opened..." I'm accustomed to people pushing me to buy their's a business after all! So I left the store that day bemused and delighted at this unusual exchange. I mean, she was more interested in me using the products than making money off of them! But it would pay off in the long run, as I became a loyal fan. Next to the amazing products, the personal attention given to customers is such an amazing part of the BioKorium experience. The last time I placed an order was in 2005. I remember talking to Vivian on the phone and, despite the fact that it was a Saturday and I could hear lots of customers in the background, she talked to me like I was right there in the room with her and that my skin was the biggest priority of the moment. It was just like the first time I was in the store...
    - Lauren D., New York, NY

My name is Corrine I am 23 years old. I've been struggling with acne since I was 12. I've been through it all, and it was only getting worse each year. I thought about my face ALLL the time. Whenever I was out at a club, party, with family, or friends. I wouldn't like to be out during the day, because that's when you can actually see every imperfection on my face. Or when I was out at night I would be worried about how the light would hit my face. It was a never ending story. I would go to Dermatologists and would hate walking out of my appointments, because they make you feel like guinea pigs. They would just give me medications that came out that month or year. They would also have me on antibiotics. I would ask why and they always told me I have bacteria in my body. It never really made sense to me, but I figured they knew what they were talking about so I went along with it. After I got fed up with Dermatologists I was interested in lasers... let me tell YOU!!!!! one of the worst MISTAKES of my LIFE!!!!!!!!! I spent thousands of dollars thinking my face was going to be so BEAUTIFUL, and it didn't do ANYTHING for me. My face was still, oily, red, breaking out, feeling dirty and heavy, and just a mess. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry :( :( :( .... after feeling like there was absolutely NO HOPE for me and my face :( :( my co-worker Araceli introduced me to Vivian, owner of BioKorim. She was telling me how this lady does miracles and helped a lot of people with their face. I was VERY VERY skeptical. You know because I've been through a lot with my face. My first appointment I had with her was one I wouldn't ever forget. She did a facial and was explaining to me how the skin needs to cycle and I was NEVER going to have acne and when she was finished with me my face was going to be beautiful. With me actions speak louder than words and I'm telling you my face felt sooooo good that night I left her office. Like it was breathing. Words just can't express the feeling I had that night. I was calling EVERYBODY and their mamas telling them I finally found an angel, and that everything was going to be better for me and my face. 1 week later, my goodness, my face was the best I've seen it in YEARS I mean YEARS. For her to make such a drastic change in just a week was mind boggling. I'm about 75% healed in a matter of weeks. Do you know how good that is??? That's freakin awesome.... She knows what she's doing and if you or anyone you know that is having problems with their skin, NEEDS to see her. She guarantees her products and what she does. Nobody has EVER guaranteed what they did. It was always well it might, we'll see, or there are NO guarantees. I am a customer for life and so will all my friends and family.
    - Corrine S., Riverside, CA

If you want your face to look BETTER when you walk out of your facial, go to BioKorium! If you've ever left traditional spa's and your face was full of red marks and pot marks, you know exactly what i'm saying. The treatments at Biokorium revitalize your skin so that you feel refreshed and new coming out of there. I have the Oxygen facial & it's great. I had a facial at another local hotel spa, as a gift from one of my clients, and i regret going there-- they really screwed up my skin and were not knowledgeble about the products they were putting on my face or why it was "beneficial for me". Their products at Biokorium are great and AFFORDABLE. (the grapeseed is a bit pricy, but worth it) and since they make their own, they are the experts on why they are using what they use.
    - Cheryl L., Riverside, CA

My favorite things: -Tahitian Vanilla Body Lotion - Daily Face Wash -Grapeseed Face Cream I have gotten all of my friends hooked on these products, why? Because they work! If you want to go somewhere where they actually know what the heck they are talking about, go here.
    - Sarah M., Riverside, CA

I love and miss this place! I went there once and my skin was forever changed! I had dry and over stressed skin with whiteheads and acne, but Vivian changed all of that. She gave me generous samples, but life happened and I could no longer get the products (I am calling there tomorrow!) She has a very different outlook about water on skin, but she will change your skin for the best. Don't hesitate to go here
    - Lauren A., Las Vegas, NV

Vivian saved my life when I was 18. I had skin that had a horrible texture, was constantly cystic, and had no problem looking like a splotchy horrible mess for years on end. I had virtually no money in those days (I was working two jobs, living at home and going through community college), but one treatment with Vivian convinced me this was well worth the price (which is actually pretty affordable...even if you are a minimum wage teenager). The Oxygen treatment became a monthly staple, and my skin was never the same again. I also did glycolic and grapeseed at home, to clear up the scarring and inflammation. I did this for about a year. So far, it's been roughly 6 years since I had a treatment here (or any treatment at all), and frankly I think I held up so well because I did that 1 year of oxygen. My skin is about 500% better then it was back then...and the texture is so different. It completely changed from sandpaper pockmarks to supple smooth skin. I don't wear makeup very ofter (which was very uncommon when I was 18...I was very ashamed of my appearance). I am okay with short hair. I am comfortable in my own words can really describe how much this affected me. Vivian didn't just give me a few facials, she gave me a new way to live. If you are that desperate for relief, I highly recommend her.
    - Zriel V., El Cerrito, CA

You're the skin guru, Vivian.
    - Barbara R., Riverside, CA

OMG VIVIAN!!! My skin is looking amazing after all the are my skin care Godess!!!!!!
    - Judith Z., Riverside, CA

Have you heard this line in a song a few years back,"You can have all my money?' Well that's how I left feeling BioKorium for the first time and still feel that way. But The products are great and not expensive. I wish I had all the dollars I have spent before I met Vivian and Javier! Using these products have have been able to regrow my hair that was damaged by misuse of chemical products at a salon and improve the look of my skin! I love them and their product!
    - Audrey O., Riverside, CA

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