Frequently Asked- And Answered- Questions About What Makes BioKorium So Unique.


1. What is BioKorium's Approach to Skin Care?
You need to treat your skin the same way you would take care of your body. If you are going to treat your body, you have to treat your skin. If you work your body, you have to work your skin. Remember, they are two different organs; your body is an organ of muscles etc., and your skin is an organ in itself, one of the largest organs of the body. One of my clients is a popular personal trainer and television personality. One day, while treating his skin, he tells me, Vivian, “I eat right, I exercise, why is my skin sagging”. I told him, “Its because you are not exercising your skin”. You exercise your body don’t you, you have to treat your skin with the same concern you apply to your body. Our Philosphical approach at BioKorium is that we are "RESULT DRIVEN".

2. What is the Skin Fitness Philosphy?
The best way to attain good health at any age is good body fitness which includes nutrition and exercise. This same concept we have applied to our skin which is our way of expressing the need for good skin nutrition and exercise, which we call "Skin Fitness". In order to build new muscle, we need to exercise by warming up and weight train. To be healthy, we need to drink plenty of water, have good body nutrition by eating right, taking the right anti-oxidants and oils. Remember you are the 'Personal Trainer' for your skin, with this the end result is 'Skin Fitness".

3. What are the Core BioKorium Products in the Skin Fitness Regimen?
1.Microscrubs or Microdermabrasion Creams/ Facial Wash- Cleaning, (Warming up, Stretching). 2.Glycolic Acid Cream - Building new skin, (Weight Training, Exercise) 3.Antioxidant Grapeseed Extract Cream - Nutrition for the skin (Food) 4.Skin Water Cream - Hydration, (Water) 5.Waterscreen- Sealing, Repelling, and Protection (Fats). Without Microdermabrasion Cream and Glycolic product to properly break through the skin barrier, your product will only be sitting at the top of your skin.

4. What is the Non-Surgical Face Lift?
The concept of the non-surgical face lift came to fruition with the idea that our body has the ability to tone and heal if given the proper tools and additives. In muscle fitness, we lift weights in order to increase muscle tone, if we use the same pound weight weekly and never increase our weight, we will have less results. We mentioned previously, our "skin fitness concept", which is the same; using product and an application process that increases collagen and elastin production, and that increases muscle lift and tone. The "Non Surgical Face Lift Concept" involves a more agressive approach, it can be compared to a P90X approach to skin and muscle tone. Our success rate has been an overall facial lift of 1/8 of an inch. The approach of stimulating your skin with Microdermabrasion Creams and Glycolic Acid Creams to increase the production of collagen and elastin leads to increase facial tone.

5. What is Your Approach to Healthy Scalp and Hair?
The agony of women experiencing hair loss is far greater than that of men. BioKorium believes that the form of hair loss that is related to excessive sebum production and aging (scalp) skin can be treated. The side effect that most women are experiencing is beautiful healthy hair. Hair loss has been linked to the amount of sebum that accumulates on the scalp. Sebum builds up in the hair follicle and attacks the hair bulb. Constant attack will cause the hair bulb to shrink so the hair is not well rooted. As this process continues the new hair strand growing back becomes weaker and thinner until the hair follicle dies. This condition is called Androgenitic Alopecia also known as Male patterned baldness and Female patterned baldness. It is hair loss caused by DHT (Dihydrotesterone) both in men and women. DHT is a combination of testosterone and androgen receptors mixed with sebum and environmental materials (dirt, pollution, toxins). BioKorium has designed a hair restoration treatment that uses a combination of: 1. Microscrubs - Slices thru the sebum build up on the scalp. 2. Oxygen – Helps deep clean and continue to loosen the sebum in the hair follicle. 3. Glycolic acid – Helps dissolve the rest of the sebum build-up and cellular glue. 4. Anti-oxidants – To protect the scalp while the skin is repairing itself and stimulate the follicle to produce new hair growth. 5. Minoxidil- Is over-the-counter and is a great adjunct to this treatment. We also produce a product combined with Anti-oxidants and follicle stimulating botanicals in a minoxidil compound. Clients who have used minoxidil for years, have received better results after the scalp treatment process. This is because the minoxidil can now penetrate the scalp and reach the follicle more effectively, do to the build-up that was removed. After treatment the scalp smells and feels refreshed. Rarely there are people that the build-up is so bad that this process is recommended again in a week. Otherwise we recommend 4 treatments a year, Not to exceed 6 treatments a year. The first 2 treatments are done 4 weeks apart. The treatment takes about one hour. BioKorium believes that if you keep the cells and the sebum working properly you will have a healthier scalp with newer and stronger hair growth.

6. Is Mineral Oil a Bad Ingredient in Skin Care Products?
I often am posed questions with regards to our products use of mineral oil. Though I have never seen studies to show otherwise. I found that representatives of the cosmetic industry have been passing the information of bad news of mineral oil. The perception that mineral oil as an undesirable ingredient continues through word of mouth, without any real basis in fact. Actually, mineral oil is a safe, effective, time-proven ingredient, preferred by many formulators. Yes, its inexpensive, but by far has effective characteristics that cannot be beat, the bottom line is that they work. Mineral Oil unfortunately gets a bad rap because it sounds so unnatural, but is actually as natural as any plant. Mineral Oil is actually one of the better, least irritating, least problem-causing ingredients for the skin. Mineral Oil is of course a "natural" product derived from purifying crude oil, and it is derived from plant material. Mineral Oil in not sythesized, it occurs naturally in the earth, and is simply purified to the final state. Mineral Oil in a product requires less preservatives than using natural products. There is no doubt that there impeccable qualities in "natural" derived plant oils, which of course need more preservatives to counteract growth due to many nutrients that it contains. Mineral Oil has little or no allergic reactions when compared to natural oils. Mineral oil has been recommended as a moisturizer for acne-prone skin. Mineral Oil can be ingested with no side effects. It is also known that hydrocarbons of parafinic structure which exist naturally in human skin. Mineral oil remains a key moisturizing ingredient due to (1) its well-documented reduction of transdermal water loss, and (2) its greater barrier to water vapor transmission than that of many other commonly used emollients. In animal studies, it has been shown that mineral oil has no comedogenic potential. More astonishing, is when mineral oil was tested on humans, it was found to be completely non-comedogenic, compared to many plant derived oils. Topical use of mineral oil does not represent a local or systemic toxicity risk to humans. The most common function that mineral oil plays in cosmetics is one of moisturizing. It has been known for decades that efforts to overcome dry skin usually involve applying a moisture barrier to the skin surface which will retard the loss of water from the stratum corneum through evaporation. The reduction of this transepidermal water loss is what is meant by the term "moisturization", even though no water is actually lost. Remember, Petrolatum and Mineral Oil are natural product derived from degraded plant material from prehistoric times. Just because a cosmetic company claims "oil free", doesn't mean it is. Synthetic oils must be called "oil free". Only a natural derived products can be identified as an "oil".

7. What Is the "Down To Basics" Concept?
Most skin issues that we encounter our common sense and easy to remedy. They are usually what we do to ourselves. Which means how we bathe, how long, how hot, do we scrub?, do we use loofas?, what kind of bar soap or products we use. Also, our environment, home and outside, is it low humidity or high humidity? Remember its all about balance. These are things that tear and destroy our skin. Is it at all possible that most skin ailments such as Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis can be mended by simply putting back what we take out? After all, we have no real source of origin or etiology of the condition to begin with. The cause of these ailments are considered unknown, and most all medications uses temporary antidotes which masque the symptoms. As a nation, we constantly over processing our skin; such as taking long hot showers, scrubbing, soaping etc. Therefore, our skin is not working, we don't allow it the recuperation time. We don't give it the opportunity to produce its natural oils to protect the skin surface, ultimately destroying the natural acidic pH of the skin which is reponsible for healthy skin. We don't put anything back to protect it. Skin Needs Moisture!

8. What Are The Benefits Of Oxygen Emulsion Cream?
Our Oxygen product is known as hydrogen peroxide emulsion cream. Created by Pharmacist Javier Moreno, our exclusive formulation is designed to give your skin optimum smoothness, clarity, and luminosity. The benefits of BioKorium's Oxygen Emulsion Cream are as follows: 1. Supplies oxygen and water to the skin, hydrating and helping skin to maintain its normal suppleness. 2. Effective against Acne 3. Antibacterial 4. Increases cellular nutrition 5. Increases effective cellular renewal 6. Effective for mature skin 7. Dissolves Sebum Plugs, therefore effective against blackheads, whiteheads, and acne conditions. 8. Act as a vehicle for other nutrients and elements to penetrate the skin such as grapeseed extract and glycolic acid.

9. Fraxel Laser and Laser Treatment. What is Your Opinion?
Fraxel laser treatment, affects a fraction of tissue at a time with thousands of microscopic columns-each one-tenth the diameter of a hair follicle. These microscopic laser columns penetrate deep into the dermis to create tiny wounds, which inadvertanly triggers your body’s natural defense system to heal those tiny wounds. Inadvertanly, the process expedites your body’s remodeling of collagen and elastin, which results in tighter, fresher, more youthful looking skin. The question is does it work? Fraxel laser treatment is also known as fractional photothermolysis. The word photothermolysis comes from three Greek root words – “photo” meaning light, “thermo” meaning heat, and “lysis” meaning destruction. Pretty destructive terms wouldn’t you say, I call it microwaving your skin. By sending laser light below the skin levels, with heat enough to damage or wound living tissue, in the hopes that your skin will by the inflammation process, heal, and regenerate newer better looking skin. Does this sound like anyway to attain healthy skin? Skin is not a TV dinner that can continually sustain reheating in the hopes that younger skin will arrive. It is my opinion, that continued reheating treatments by laser can only have repercussions in eventually damaging skin and promoting the aging process.

10. I Can't Use This, It Has Mineral Oil!
One client, a gazillionaire, she’s 42, sold her salon for 200 million dollar. She’s looking at the ingredients in our product, because she is a spa owner and knows her ingredients. “I can’t use this,” she says,”It has mineral oil”. I said ok, no problem. I continue to do her friends and they continue using the product. I get a call from her two weeks later. “I need to order product.” Its what we have been sold, false information, we received it at the cosmetic counter, in magazine and television advertising. Learn to think on your own and be skeptical, then research. We have been sold the idea that mineral oil and petrolatum is bad. It is a natural product produced in the ground created from years of decomposing plant life. It is the most innocuous, unreactive and pure substance there is. The food grade and cosmetic grade mineral oil is the purest available. Mineral oil can be taken internally. We have been told that it is comedogenic, not true. In skin care always be skeptical and research the truth. Many times the factual truth is not always what we expect.

11. The Bodies Natural Process, Using Sunlight As An Example.
The biological purpose of how are body was designed in order to survive by responding to our environment in not only rudimentary, but primordial in origin. Sunlight, temperature changes, food intake, immune strength; these our all elements that effect our bodies future level of survival. A lack of sunlight for example can have a effect on lowering Vitamin D levels which could be a big problem later. It increases the risk of cancer and lung diseases. This is the top reason for our need to be exposed to sunlight in order to receive enough Vitamin D. Ten minutes daily is sufficient. Sunlight also prevents many bacterial and viral infections. More importantly, sunlight strengthens our immune system by providing quick white cell building in the blood, and it is a healthy level of White Blood Cells by which our bodies have a healthy immune system. This is an example that skin is a receiver of an environmental element called sunlight in the form of electrons. These electrons are processed in our skin to produce levels of Vitamin D which maintains a healthy body, this is why we should not overlook the importance of maintaining healthy skin.

12. The Ultimate Skin Care Is No Skin Care.
The real answer to skin care cannot be found in a jar of cream. We have a tendency to over process our skin, and not allow the skin to heal or recuperate. "The Ultimate Skin Care Is No Skin Care At All." The more you get your skin to a maintenance level, you began to use less and less product, because your skin is in really good shape. And when your skin is in good shape it needs less and less taking care of.

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