BioKorium - An Ingenious Marriage of Science & Art.

About Us

BioKorium was founded in 1994 and represents the professional collaboration, passion and synergy of Javier and Vivian Moreno.

In fact, BioKorium is a true “marriage” in every sense of the word, reflecting the collective experience, vision, insights, ingenuity, talents and dedication of both Javier and Vivian.

By professional training, Javier is a highly respected Pharmacist (PharmD, RPh), with degrees from of Loyola-Marymount University (Los Angeles) and the University of Southern California.

Vivian is an experienced Aesthetician and self-described “people person” with a keen knowledge of the business and a lifelong interest in the relationship between health and physical appearance.

The Birth Of BioKorium
For the first 15 years of his career, Javier was a highly successful a Pharmacist and Department Manager for the Vons Corporation. During this time, he was also encouraged by Vivian to develop and produce a unique and proprietary line of Glycolic Acid and Oxygen Emulsion base skin products for use in her salon business.

Since these ingenious products were uniquely formulated to effectively combine the aesthetic benefits of a cosmetic with the restorative properties of a pharmaceutical, they called Javier’s new line of skin products “cosmeceuticals” and soon began offering them to Vivian’s clientele under the BioKorium brand name.

The results were stunning. Word-of-mouth quickly spread. And demand for BioKorium cosmeceuticals began to grow.

Building On A Successful Formula
Today, BioKorium—the salon and day spa, the beauty services and proprietary products—continues to grow and thrive. With Vivian overseeing salon’s functions, beauty services and client-education activities. And Javier spearheading the company’s research, development and hand-crafted production efforts.

The BioKorium popular family of products has grown as well, and currently encompasses nearly 50 distinct skin and hair care cosmeceuticals, including:
• Proanthrocyanidin Grapeseed Extract Cream
• Microdermabrasion Cream with Malakite Copper Extract
• Pomagranate Extract Cream
• Acai Berry Extract Cream
• Skin Water Hydration Cream
• The BioKorium Baby Care Line

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